Jet Boat Training International endorse Alamarin-Jet

Alamarin-Jet Oy recently welcomed Giles White – CEO of Jetboat Training International – to Finland to take part in one of our training courses. Heres what he had to say about our products…

“Alamarin-jet, Finland has built up a very good reputation in the marine industry so I was interested as CEO of Jetboat Training International to see their jet propulsion units at first hand when I was invited to their HQ in Härmä.

Marine propulsion jets usually are compromised to combinations of either good manoeuvrability and poor bollard pull or vice versa. It is a real challenge for a design team to create marine jets without compromise, those that do can be sure of a big slice of the marine market.

I spent a couple of days stripping down and rebuilding the jet drive units checking tolerances, troubleshooting and really getting to know the systems and the units’ simplicity. This careful design and engineering all strives to make on site servicing simple using minimal non-specialist tools.
We looked at the IO (intelligent operation) system in detail including backup systems using their training room demonstrator and then took to the cold Finnish waters to operate for real.
The IO system takes away all the stresses of trying to fight your vessel into tight corners with the wind and tide against you. With a simple intuitive push on the joystick you can hear the jets working away to position your vessel just where you want. Two modes allow you to operate at reduced harbour speed or normal unrestricted speed. Back-up systems cover every vital function.

As for the jet propulsion units we tested them on a mono hull and a catamaran. The acceleration of the mono hull cabin training vessel powered by a single AJ288 was outstanding, very clean wake taking us to top speed and turning hard she was like on rails with hardly any side slip. Even when pushed hard there was no cavitation whatsoever. This goes to show the lengths Alamarin-jet engineers have gone to optimize their jets in every aspect of performance to make them best choice among the suitable jet drives for your vessel. Impellers are always finely matched to satisfy the ratings of most of the common diesel engines on the market, mostly even without the need for a reduction gear box.
The twin jet installation on the demo catamaran was powered by AJ245’s. This jet model together with the AJ 285 is available with the combi-frame, a revolutionary design for allowing short or long tail installations. Again no evidence of cavitation and a class leading bollard pull.

I have spent the last 10 years working with different types of jet propulsion, all have their positives and negatives. Alamarin-jet have managed to eliminate the negatives and for me it was all positives. Reliable, well-engineered jets and intuitive control systems with excellent service backup from a small and very dedicated workforce with “The ability to build class leading marine jets without compromise”.

Giles White
Jetboat Training International CEO

About Jetboat Training International

With over two decades of teaching experience in the marine and leisure industry our commercially endorsed Royal Yachting Association qualified instructors began specialising in water jets in 2000. This required a new approach to training and our Jetboat Operators courses were developed to ensure operators were able to operate their craft safely and competently.

Our work brought us in contact with UK based aluminium workboat manufacturer Alnmaritec and we have worked with them on a regular basis since. We are proud to be their approved trainer.

Our international client list includes:

Alnmaritec, Single Buoy Moorings (SBM), Transworld Yachts, Dietsmann Monaco, Westcountry Ambulance, Exxon Mobil, Sakhalin Energy, Bridgend Boat Company, ADE Group, Milford Haven Port Authority, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, James Fisher Angola, Sonadiets, BP, Shell, British Antarctic Survey and the Royal Navy.

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