Alamarin-Jet Oy are world leading manufacturers of waterjet propulsion units and controls systems.

Suitable for input power up to 1500kW / 2040HP, Alamarin-Jet are renowned for a innovative, robust and efficient design philosophy.

As global suppliers to marine sectors such as special forces, SAR, fishing, offshore supply and superyachts. Alamarin-Jet are the trusted partner when reliability and service are at the forefront of operational requirement.

Alamarin-Jet have been pushing water jet innovation particularly in the last 10 years introducing technical features such as the patented Combi-Frame, a jet frame design which allows for multiple installation methods in AJ 245 and AJ 285 as well as the patented Dual Angle Shaft recently introduced in the OMEGA SERIES jets which allows 2 different shaft angles without changing jet inclination.

Alamarin-Jet see the importance in future technologies within the marine industry and therefore have invested heavily in next generation control and monitoring systems, this includes fully autonomous operations, collision avoidance, remote surveillance and remote monitoring. All built on the SIGMA CONTROLS platform.

A reliable and skilled dealer network covers 50+ countries all around the world, providing rapid response and delivering service and spare parts when needed the most. Alamarin-Jet constantly work on developing the network in order to maintain highest possible level of Sales and Support.