Alamarin-Jet founder Mr. Jussi Mäntylä


Alamarin-Jet was founded over 40 years ago in 1976 by Finnish engineer Mr. Jussi Mäntylä

Jussi Mäntylä’s hobby was sport fishing along the rocky coast of the Baltic Sea, of course this environment is not well suited to outboards or sterndrives and he realised that a water jet was required. Having investigated what was available to purchase he decided to develop his own water jet…and Alamarin-Jet Oy was born.

Early Hard-Top Jet Boat manufactured by Alamarin-Jet


Alamarin-Jet started with the manufacturing of their Hard Top Jet Boat range and also in the early days offered complete boat conversations including engines from Ford Sabre, Volvo Penta and Mercury.

Alamarin-Jet also made complete jet modifications to Buster and Silver boats, the largest manufacturers of aluminium boats in Europe.

ASTRA-MARINE Masmar 220 FRB fitted with Alamarin-Jet 230


In the beginning of the early 1990s Alamarin-Jet stopped building boats and focussed only on the production of complete water jet units.

1997 marked the beginning of deliveries to SOLAS type approved vessels, with the AJ 230 being fitted by ASTRA-MARINE OY in Finland to their newest Fast Rescue Craft.

Alamarin-Jet are now the worldwide market leader supplying jets to the SOLAS LIFE BOAT industry.

SOLAS market growth


Alamarin-Jet becomes the leading supplier to the worldwide SOLAS market, with many product developments to the AJ 160, AJ 180 and AJ 230

Mr. Hannu Teiskonen - owner the HT Group


In 2002 Alamarin-Jet entered a new era when it was purchased by the HT-Group with Mr Hannu Teiskonen’s main aim to turn Alamarin-Jet into a world leading manufacturer of water jet propulsion systems.

Growth of the company


Continuous development of the company and new product range

AJ Intelligent Operation - IO


Intelligent Operation : IO Control system is developed. The first twin joystick control system which is also capable of use in open boats.

AJ 288


AJ 288 debuts at METS Trade

AJ 245


The AJ 245 makes its world debut featuring the patented COMBI-FRAME solution

AJ 340


AJ 340 debuts at METS Trade

AJ 285


AJ 285, the second Combi-Frame model debuts at Europort

Alamarin-Jet turns 40


Alamarin-Jet Oy celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

AJ Actuator Control Unit - ACU


Actuator Control Unit – ACU modular control system debuts at Seawork International

AJ Omega 42


AJ Omega 42 debuts at Seawork International

AJ SIGMA Controls


AJ SIGMA Controls debuts at Seawork International

2020 ->

Continued development of the current Alamarin-Jet range along with next generation control systems and larger series of water jets all ongoing