The Intelligent Operation Control System or AJ IO is a full propulsion control system designed for use with Alamarin-Jet products.

Developed in the harshest conditions the system is suitable for both open and enclosed helms with IP 67 rated control heads and panels. AJ IO utilises only 2 inputs from the vessel driver meaning there is no need to ‘switch’ between different joysticks/levers when needing different types of vessel command eg. switching from high speed operation to docking.

Features include;

  • For single and twin jet installations
  • Compatible with AJ 230, AJ 245,
    AJ 285, AJ 288 and AJ 340 units
  • Built-in interface for autopilot
    and USV operation
  • High speed manoeuvring and
    accurate limited space docking
    are possible with the one joystick
  • Safe system featuring back-ups
    for vital functions


General Specifications 

Power Supply

12 VDC

Operating Voltage Range

11 … 14 VDC

Current (max)

10 A

Ambient Storage temperature

–20 … 75 °C

Ambient Operating temperature

0 … 55 °C

Ambient Humidity

5 … 95 % RH

IP Rating*


*Front side of operating panels and controls

Weights of the System Components


6.3 kg


2.8 kg

OK3 (optional)

1.5 kg


0.6 kg


0.6 kg

OP3 (optional)

0.4 kg

Hydraulics Valve Block

16.8 kg

E-Helm and Joystick (Combined Pair)

1.8 kg

* The rest of the weight comes from the custom length wire harnesses and hydraulic fluid