AJ 340

The AJ 340 is a lightweight, compact and highly efficient commercial waterjet. Cavitation limits are the highest in class due to Alamarin-Jets leading hydrodynamic design, without reducing top speed capabilities. AJ 340 is suitable for large military and commercial fast craft, as well as pleasure craft applications.

Features include:

  • Conical impeller housing
  • Oil lubricated main bearing
  • Integrated oil cooler
  • 0° and 5° installation angle options
  • Universal hydraulic system

AJ 340 is compatible with AJ ACU and AJ SIGMA Controls


Pump type
Mixed flow
Max impeller diameter
335mm / 13.2″
Max impeller shaft RPM
3300 1/min
Max input power
550 kW / 750 HP
Max vessel displacement
7500kg / 16 535lbs
Jet construction
Aluminium / Stainless Steel
Jet weight
245kg / 540lbs
Reverse deflector control