The O37 is the second model in the Alamarin-Jet OMEGA SERIES, with a max input power of 1200HP and unique features such as:

The Omega Series epitomises Alamarin-Jets dedication to user-focused, highly efficient and innovative design.

The Alamarin-Jet mixed flow pump design is proven to outperform competitive products in comparable size range and above.

The Omega Series promises high speed efficiency (55+ knots) while maintaining extremely high bollard pull and cavitation margins.


Pump type
Mixed flow, Single stage
Max impeller diameter
430mm / 16.9″
Max impeller shaft RPM
2550 1/min
Max input power
880 kW / 1200 HP
Max vessel displacement
15,000kg / 33,000lbs
Jet construction
Aluminium / Stainless Steel
Jet weight
725kg / 1,600lbs
Reverse deflector control
Hydraulic / SIGMA Controls

Download drawing/diagram

AJ Omega37 - Brochure (PDF)