Alamarin-Jet have been pushing water jet innovation particularly in the last 10 years introducing technical features such as the patented Combi-Frame, a jet frame design which allows for multiple installation methods in AJ 245 and AJ 285 as well as the patented Dual Angle Shaft recently introduced in the OMEGA SERIES jets which allows 2 different shaft angles without changing jet inclination.

The Alamarin-Jet water jet propulsion unit is a high-quality propulsion unit for boats. It is single-stage mixed flow pump which produces a high-volume flow rate and thrust with high efficiency. The jet is located at the back of the boat and receives pump water through an intake at the bottom of the boat. The intake duct leads the water onto the impeller with minimal loss in efficiency and the impeller raises the pressure of the water. This pressure is transformed into flow rate in the nozzle and the stator located before the nozzle straightens the flow. The change in the flow rate creates a reactive force in the direction of the flow, which thrusts the boat forward.

A conical impeller housing refers to the section of the jet which surrounds the impeller, the conical design allows the impeller to move backward and forward inside the tunnel to adjust the gap between blade tip and tunnel wall and also contributes to the pumps mixed flow characteristics.
When beaching often and operating in waters with a lot of sand and silt the resulting wear can cause the gap between impeller blade tip and housing to increase, this has a negative effect on performance and due to the straight impeller housing of other jets it means a ‘wear ring’ must be replaced or impellers must be replaced.A simple adjustment is required with Alamarin-Jets with no requirement for special tools.